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FAQ Moneybird Exact Online package
FAQ Moneybird Exact Online package
In this article you'll find answers to frequently asked questions about the Moneybird Exact Online package
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Does the package synchronise purchase invoices?

No, the package only syncs sales invoices to Exact Online.

How often does the package synchronise?

The package approximately synchronises every hour (often faster). Are you interested in near-realtime synchronisation? Then we have an upgrade for the small price of +€5 / month.

Can VAT tariffs be modified?

Yes, this is possible with the mapping table within the package configuration.

Can I link multiple categories to general ledger accounts?

Yes, this is possible. In the package configuration you select a standard ledger account per VAT rate. If you use multiple ledger accounts, make sure they are available in both packages. The synchronisation is intelligent and takes this into account while processing.

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