What does an integration cost?
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You can consider the following costs:

Integration Pricing

We charge different fees per link, depending on the functionality of the integration. The standard price is listed on the integration's landing page.

NOTE: Some integrations are billed through the partner (booq, CCV Shop, Lightspeed, Shopify).

Initial Costs (optional)

With most integrations, historical data can be synchronized. This one-time action incurs additional costs. These costs are calculated per case and number of items.

Implementation Costs

If you need help with the installation of an integration, we offer online support. For this, we charge a one-time installation fee of €125. If you decide not to use the integration, you will get this amount back.

P.S. The costs for implementing Bjorn Lunden (King Finance) and Exact Multivers integrations are €250.

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