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BOE-0082 - A type of value added tax is missing
BOE-0082 - A type of value added tax is missing
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BOE-0082 - A VAT type is missing, or does not match the VAT type of the general ledger account.

Translation: BOE-0082 - Een btw-soort ontbreekt, of komt niet overeen met de btw-soort van de grootboekrekening.


The following general ledger accounts are missing the VAT entry: 8100 (for illustration) Sales companies high 21%


Check your source invoice. Select both the revenue group (general ledger account) and the VAT rate at the invoice line level. In SnelStart, the VAT rate is already connected at the general ledger account level. The integration gives an error message if the ledger account + VAT rate does not match with the General ledger account in SnelStart.

To understand how to make the integration work properly, some knowledge is required for SnelStart. Take a look at this screenshot for more information:

A few important principles to remember:

  • SnelStart has 3 VAT types: High, Low, Other ('None' is not an official VAT type)

  • In SnelStart, a Revenue account is always linked to a function with the corresponding VAT type (high, low, other)

  • General ledger accounts need to be present in both systems. The integration takes this into account 'behind the scenes'. So, when a general ledger account is used in an invoice line, the integration in SnelStart will want to book that line on that general ledger number.

Finally, it's good to know that SnelStart 12 (Windows version) needs to be used to modify the settings of a general ledger account.

Read everything about the functions of general ledger accounts in SnelStart here.

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