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Installation guide WooCommerce Exact Online synchronisation
Installation guide WooCommerce Exact Online synchronisation

Connect your WooCommerce webshop to Exact Online in a matter of a few minutes.

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Table of Contents:

  1. Intro

    This guide is meant to help with the installation of the synchronisation between your WooCommerce webshop and your Exact Online administration. The next couple of steps will guide you through everything that you need to know in order to make everything work properly.

  2. Functionality of the package

    The WooCommerce Exact Online package contains of three data flows:

    1. Orders from WooCommerce to Exact Online, as Sales-booking

    2. Orders from WooCommerce to Exact Online, as Sales-invoice

    3. Orders from WooCommerce to Exact Online, as Sales-order

    As soon as the package is installed, a realtime synchronisation using webhooks will start functioning. The package detects changes in the data flows listed above. Are there new orders in WooCommerce? If so, a synchronisation will happen and the data will be synced towards Exact Online.

    IMPORTANT! Before you start the installation:

    Here are a couple of important things you should know before starting the installation process.

    WooCommerce setup:

    • Are revenue-groups defined? For further information, check below.

    • VAT rates created?

    Exact Online setup:

    • This step is necessary. For further information, check below.

    A guide to the setup of both of them is included in further steps.

    Which data will be synchronised?

    Invoice number
    Invoice data
    Order rules
    Ledger account
    General journal
    Cost place
    Standard payment condition

    Company name
    KvK number
    Phone number
    Zip code
    Relation number (optional)

  3. WooCommerce setup

    Here is the setup guide for WooCommerce:

  4. Exact Online setup

  5. Configuring the package

    Select order statuses
    Select for which order statuses the orders need to be synchronised.

    Select administration
    Select the administration where the bookings will be made.

    Selecter general journal
    Select the general journal where the invoices should end up.

    Insert orders as
    Select how orders should be inserted into Exact Online.


    To create the synchronisation it's necessary to select the articles below. If you don't have these articles in Exact Online, create them first.

    For sales-invoices it's necessary to also include articles from WooCommerce. Do you already have existing articles in Exact Online? We check for article code in the field item in Exact Online. Compare this with the SKU field in WooCommerce. If the article already exists, a new article won't be created.

    Shipping costs article
    Select the article on which shipping costs should be booked.

    Discounts article

    Select the article on which the discounts should be booked.

    Exact Online VAT configuration
    Here you can link the VAT categories from WooCommerce to Exact Online.

    Exact Online ledger configuration
    Here you can link the VAT categories from WooCommerce to the correct ledger in Exact Online.

    Creating articles
    Indicate whether or not the synchronisation package should create articles in case they don't exist yet. This only applies to articles that are used within an order.

  6. Editing the package

    If you wish to change the configuration of your package, you can do so on the settings page of your package. You can get to the settings page by clicking the pencil-icon located at your package's overview on the 'My combi's' page.

    After this, click on "Edit configuration".

    On this page, all choices that you configured earlier will re-appear and can be modified.

    Don't forget to save any changes by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page!

  7. Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

    Errors and solutions

    Error: ExactOnlineAPI API error [Code: 500, Response: { "error": { "code": "", "message": { "lang": "", "value": "Verplicht: Betalingsconditie" } } }]
    Solution: payment conditions in Exact Online are not filled out. Navigate to Settings > General > Payment condition (Sales) in the top right, and enter the default payment condition.

    Error: ExactOnline API error: { "error": { "code": "", "message": { "lang": "", "value": "De maximale lengte van de code is 18 karakters" } } }
    Solution: the maximum amount of allowed characters of a debtor in Exact Online is 18 characters. Therefore, make sure that customer numbers in WooCommerce are no longer than 18 characters. Mistakes like these unfortunately can't be corrected, which leads to faulty invoices not being updated in future synchronisations.

    Error: Relatie met nummer 12345678 is niet van type klant.
    Solution: the contact in Exact Online probably already exists and is not a customer, but probably a supplier or creditor. Modify the customer number in WooCommerce and re-execute the export step. (BEWARE: don't just regularly re-execute, but go into the package configuration and re-select the export step).

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