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Shopify AWeber Integration: Synchronized Fields
Shopify AWeber Integration: Synchronized Fields
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The Shopify AWeber integration allows seamless synchronization of customer data between your Shopify store and AWeber. This article outlines the specific fields that are synchronized from Shopify to AWeber, ensuring you have a comprehensive view of your customers' information in your email marketing platform.

Synchronized Fields:


Email Address






Postal Code



Total Spent

Order Count

Last Order Price

Last Order Currency

Last Order Product Count

Last Order Product ID

Last Order Product Name

Last Order Product Category

Last Order Order Tags

Last Order Tags

These fields cover essential customer information, purchase history, and additional details that can be leveraged for targeted and personalized email marketing campaigns.

How to Verify Synchronized Fields:

To confirm the synchronization of fields from Shopify to AWeber, follow these steps:

Log in to your AWeber account.

Navigate to the list or audience associated with your Shopify integration.

Check the subscriber profiles to ensure that the mentioned fields are populated with the corresponding Shopify data.

By regularly verifying the synchronized fields, you can guarantee that your AWeber audience remains up-to-date with the latest customer information from your Shopify store.

Note: The availability of these fields for synchronization may depend on your specific Shopify plan and AWeber subscription. Always refer to the latest documentation for both platforms to ensure accurate information.


Understanding the synchronized fields between Shopify and AWeber is crucial for effective email marketing and customer engagement. By leveraging this integration, you can create targeted campaigns based on comprehensive customer data, ultimately enhancing your marketing strategy and driving business growth.

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