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Installation manual Shopify AWeber Connector
Installation manual Shopify AWeber Connector

This article describes how to install and use the AWeber Shopify integration build by Combidesk.

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  • How to install the AWeber Connector App

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View our installation video here:

How to install AWeber Connector App

Step 1a) Create a AWeber account

In order to connect your AWeber account to your Shopify store you need to create a AWeber account first (create account here).
Already using AWeber? Great! Continue step 2.

Step 1b) Create a Shopify account
No Shopify account yet? You can easily create an account here.


Step 2) Install the app from the Shopify app store

Visit the AWeber app in the Shopify app store here and click on the ADD APP button.

Step 3) Installation page

Your now forwarded to the install page. Click the blue button 'INSTALL APP' and 'START INSTALLATION'.

Step 4) Configure the app

A) Add abandoned cart customers to a list?
Please configure the time the integration is going to add the cart abandoner to a specific list so you can start an abandoned cart recovery campaign. Select 'None' to not do this at all.

B) Export existing customers
You may already have customers and subscribers and want to export them to AWeber. Use this step to export existing data.

Unfortunately we can't let you automatically import all your Shopify customers in AWeber, because AWeber is going to send out an opt-in mail to all subscribers and we believe that isn't desirable. This is AWeber policy as you can read here:

Also, you can put in a request to have your subscribers bypass the confirmation step if they are being added through our API. Please feel free to contact AWeber with these requests.

PLEASE NOTE: make sure your confirmation message is turned off for the list you're importing your contacts in!
Go to Manage lists > List options > List settings and search for this setting: 

After turning off the confirmation message you can import your Shopify customers into AWeber manually. To do so follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Shopify backend and go to customers

  2. Export all customers to plain CSV (upper right side op the page) and save the file somewhere on your desktop

  3. Go to AWeber and go to Subscribers

  4. Hit the green button 'Add subscribers' and select 'Import More Than 10 Subscribers'

  5. Go to 'Import Subscribers From A File' and select the file you've just saved

  6. Map your field and import the subscribers

C) Connect you AWeber account.
Click the Blue button to connect your AWeber account.

Fill in your AWeber credentials (email + password) and login. When you're already logged in you'll see this autorisation screen. Hit 'Allow' and you'll go back to the contfiguration page.

You'll see a success message:

When the credentials are incorrect, we'll show this message:

D) Configure your list(s)
When you already use lists in AWeber you can select a mailing list for subscribers and customers. No lists yet? Just create one for subscribers and/or customers, refresh the dropdown list in this step and it will appear new in the dropdown list.

You can select a mailing list for subscribers, customer and cart abandoners. No lists yet? Just create one for subscribers, one for customers and one for subscribers, refresh the dropdown list in this step and it will appear new in the dropdown list.

Select a list for Abandoned checkouts:

Step 5) Enter your email address 

Please enter your email address so we can send you a message if problems occur with your integration. Then press the orange button 'FINISH INSTALL'.

We're now connecting your Shopify store to AWeber. When the installation has succeeded we're showing this message:



Do I need to pay for AWeber?

  • Yes, you can find you email marketing pricing plans here

Can I Disable Confirmed Opt-In?

Can I use the Abandoned Cart feature?

  • In order to use our Abandoned Cart feature you need to let AWeber disable the optin function. You can contact AWeber support here to have it disabled for you. 

How do I use Signup Forms? There are two options:

Add a Shopify newsletter signup
This signup form has the same look and feel as your Shopify website. Easy to use, easy to install. 

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