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Installation manual Constant Contact Connector
Installation manual Constant Contact Connector

Here we tell you all about how to install the Shopify Constant Contact Connector

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How to install Constant Contact Connector App

Step 1a) Create a Constant Contact account

In order to connect your Constant Contact account to your Shopify store you need to create a Constant Contact account first (create account here).
Already using Constant Contact? Great! Continue step 2.

Step 1b) Create a Shopify account
No Shopify account yet? You can easily create an account here.


Step 2) Install the app from the Shopify app store

Visit the Constant Contact  app in the Shopify app store here and click on the green GET button.

Step 3) Installation page

Your now forwarded to the install page. Click the blue button 'INSTALL APP'.

Step 4) Connect you Constant Contact account.
Click the orange button to connect your Constant Contact account.

Fill in your Constant Contact credentials (email + password) and login. When you're already logged in you'll see this autorisation screen. Hit 'Allow' and you'll go back to the contfiguration page.

You'll see a success message:

When the credentials are incorrect, we'll show this message:

Step 4) Configure the app

A) Export existing Shopify contacts
You may already have customers and subscribers and want to export them to Constant Contact. Use this step to export existing data.

CAUTION: existing customers in Contact Contact are going to be unsubscribed when they don't have the 'accept marketing' checkbox in Shopify. So make sure they are saved in a different ConstantContact list.

D) Select a mailing list for customers
Make sure you've created a customers list in ConstantContact. Customers are Shopify constact who have purchased at least one item or more. Go to to create a list. Select this list in the dropdown menu as seen below. Is your list not visible, click the refresh button to update the lists.

Create new lists in Constant Contact like this:

You can select a mailing list for subscribers and customers. No lists yet? Just create one for subscribers and one for customers, refresh the dropdown list in this step and it will appear new in the dropdown list.

Select a list for Abandoned checkouts:

Newsletter Sign-up Pop-up Form
ConstantContact can add a popup Sign-Up Form to your Shopify website (if you don't want this, just hit 'Confirm' to skip this step).

To do so, go to your ConstantContact account and add a Sign-Up Form. Make sure to pick the Pop-up type.

Now click Universal Code at the top right and click the code to copy it to your clipboard, then right-click and paste it in the field below. We will take care of the rest 👍

Step 5) Enter your email address 

Please enter your email address so we can send you a message if problems occur with your integration. Then press the orange button 'FINISH INSTALL'.

We're now connecting your Shopify store to Constant Contact. When the installation has succeeded we're showing this message:



Do I need to pay for Constant Contact?

  • Yes, you can find you email marketing pricing plans here

How do you send out segmented campaigns using custom fields?

This is what you need to do in order to send segmented emails based on specific custom fields. It is good to know we sync these fields into ConstantContact.
Ps. The reason TAGS aren't filled in the original Tags field is because this field can't be filled through the API (yet).

Data fields:

  • Custom_field_1 -> Total Spent

  • Custom_field_2 -> Number Of Orders

  • Custom_field_3 -> Customer Tags

  • Custom_field_4 -> Last Order Price

  • Custom_field_5 -> Last Order Currency

  • Custom_field_6 -> Last Order Product Name

  • Custom_field_7 -> Total Products

  • Custom_field_8 -> SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)

  • Custom_field_9 -> Last Order Product Category

  • Custom_field_10 -> Order Tags

To create your Constant Contact segmented list using contact details, such as custom fields:

  1. Click Contacts.

  2. In the search bar on the left click "Advanced".

  3. Use the drop-down menus to choose your search parameters. Search your list by specific custom field, etc.

  4. Click Search.

  5. Select all of the email addresses that were found by clicking the check box in the upper-left corner of your results.

  6. Click Manage Lists > Add to Lists.

  7. Select a list to add the contacts to by clicking the box (or click "Create a new list").

  8. Click Add.

You can now use this list to send out campaigns bases on the specific custom fields.
Read the full article here.

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