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Installationguide Shopify Moneybird synchronisation
Installationguide Shopify Moneybird synchronisation

Synchronise Shopify orders into Moneybird fast and reliably. Including helpful Mollie MT940 sync for reconciling bank transactions.

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Our Shopify Moneybird synchronisation, is a user-friendly e-commerce solution for your Shopify store.

This package automatically synchronises important data between Shopify and Moneybird. This saves time, you'll never have to do any double work again, and you have a lower chance of making mistakes. This is simply because there is no manual work required.

Ready to try it out?

Installation guide video Shopify Moneybird package:

Table of Contents

1. What data is synchronised?

  • Shopify orders are automatically synchronised into Moneybird.

  • Customers in Shopify are created as customers in Moneybird.

  • Decide when to synchronise, based on order statuses.

  • Decide which invoice status you want in Moneybird.

  • The income statement and VAT-report are updated instantly.

  • Existing orders will be synchronised from Shopify into your Moneybird account.

  • Order information products (product name, amount, costs of order rule, and VAT) can optionally be included.

  • Shipping fees are included.

  • Discount are included. (both discount codes and product discounts)

  • You'll save time, work more efficiently, and increase your fun in your work.

2. Mollie payments

Do you use Mollie for handling payments such as iDEAL or Creditcard? This package automatically processes Mollie payments as well. This means that you no longer have to manually download the MT940 file from Mollie and upload it into Moneybird to process payments. Additionally, Mollie's transaction costs are automatically processed into the final costs. This means that you'll be less busy with your accounting, and can spend more time on other important work.

3. How to install?

The package can be installed and managed right from your Shopify dashboard. You can find the Shopify Moneybird app right here in the Shopify App Store:

4. Remarks

  • The synchronisation approximately runs every 15-30 minutes (often faster).

  • Finished orders will start being synchronised over into Moneybird as soon as the app is installed.

  • Order history can automatically be included in the synchronisation.

  • Customers will automatically be added to Moneybird based on a unique email address.

  • We advise using the invoicing systems of Shopify over Moneybird's to prevent issues.

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