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Installation guide Lightspeed Zendesk Chat package (previously Zopim)
Installation guide Lightspeed Zendesk Chat package (previously Zopim)

This guide explains step-by-step how to link your Lightspeed webshop to your Zendesk Chat.

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Table of Contents

  • Zendesk Chat Installation guide

  • FAQ (Tips & Tricks)


Zendesk Chat Installation guide

Step 1a) Create a Zendesk Chat account

It is good to know that Zendesk Chat used to be called 'Zopim'. The Zopim domain name is still in use for the live environment.

Step 1b) Create a Lightspeed account
Don't have a Lightspeed account yet? Create a Lightspeed account here.


Step 2) Install the app from the Lightspeed app store

Go to your Lightspeed management environment in the menu on the left, go to 'App' and search for 'Zendesk Chat'. 

Next, click on the banner of the Combidesk app:

To start the installation, click on 'Install App':

Then click on 'Next' on the installation screen, and then 'Grand access':

Stap 2 - Configure the package

Select whether or not you want the Chat widget to show on mobile devices. Zendesk Chat works perfectly on mobile devices, but you have the option to disable it nevertheless.

Imagine: your website is still under construction, or you're going on vacation for a week. In these kinds of situations, it might be handy to disable the visibility of the widget on your website all together:

Finally, copy your Zendesk Chat widget code. You can find this code within your Zendesk Chat dashboard at Settings > Widget:

Copy the widget code and paste it into the step below:

Stap 3 - Install the package

To finalize, click on ‘Install package’ (= 'Installeer koppeling').


How to use the Zendesk Chat app

To chat with your customers, you have to go to the Zendesk Chat dashboard. Use this link to get there. You can also get there by clicking on the app in your Lightspeed dashboard. We redirect you to the app-configuration page. You'll have access to your Zendesk Chat-account via the 'GO TO YOUR ZENDESK CHAT APP' button.

Edit the chat widget

Go to your Zendesk Chat dashboard and click on 'Widget' in the menu on the left:

Here you can change the widget settings and appearance. Keep in mind: you don't have to paste any code into your Lightspeed theme itself.

Download Zendesk Chat for mobile phone or tablet

Zendesk Support



How much does Zendesk Chat cost?

  • Zendesk has a freemium model (LITE). You can use LITE for free, but keep in mind: our synchronisation package between Lightspeed en Zendesk Chat is not free. We have built this seamless integration for you and charge €4,95 per month for its use. Check all the Zendesk Chat prices here.

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