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Installatiehandleiding Lightspeed Intercom koppeling
Installatiehandleiding Lightspeed Intercom koppeling

Here we tell you all about how to install the Intercom app for Lightspeed eCom

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  • How to install the Lightspeed Intercom App

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How to install the Lightspeed Intercom App

Step 1) Create an Intercom account

In order to connect your Intercom account to your Lightspeed store you need to create an Intercom account first (create account here).
Already using Intercom? Great! Continue step 2.

Step 2) Install the app from the Lightspeed app store

Visit the Intercom app in the Lightspeed app store here and click on red green INSTALL button. Or visit the app from your Lightspeed back office page.

Please make sure no popup is blocking your installation page: 

Step 3) Installation page

Your now forwarded to the install page. Click the green button 'INSTALL APP'.

Step 4) Configure the app

Fill in your store credentials and hit NEXT. Continue by clicking GRANT ACCESS.

Step 5) Connect you Intercom account.
Click the orange button to connect your Intercom account. No account yet? Create an account first here.

Next enter your Intercom App ID. 

This you can find in your browser url or in your Intercom menu > Settings > App Settings > API Keys (down the buttom).

You'll see a success message:

Step 6) Enter your email address 

Please enter your email address so we can send you a message if problems occur with your integration. Then press the orange button 'FINISH INSTALL'.

We're now connecting your Lightspeed store to Intercom. When the installation has succeeded we're showing this message:



Do I need to pay for Intercom?

  • Yes, you can find you email marketing pricing plans here

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