How to install Constant Contact Connector App

Step 1a) Create a Constant Contact account

In order to connect your Constant Contact account to your Shopify store you need to create a Constant Contact account first (create account here).
Already using Constant Contact? Great! Continue step 2.

Step 1b) Create a Shopify account
No Shopify account yet? You can easily create an account here.


Step 2) Install the app from the Shopify app store

Visit the Constant Contact  app in the Shopify app store here and click on the green GET button.

Step 3) Installation page

Your now forwarded to the install page. Click the blue button 'INSTALL APP'.

Step 4) Configure the app

A) Export existing Shopify contacts
You may already have customers and subscribers and want to export them to Constant Contact. Use this step to export existing data.

CAUTION: existing customers in Contact Contact are going to be unsubscribed when they don't have the 'accept marketing' checkbox in Shopify. So make sure they are saved in a different ConstantContact list.

B) Configuration for Subscription submitted -> use our URL (only for non-sectioned themes)

The steps for this tutorial differ depending on whether you are using a sectioned or a non-sectioned theme. To figure out whether your theme supports sections, go to the theme's Edit HTML/CSS page. If there are files in the Sections directory, you are using a sectioned theme. Non-sectioned themes were released before October 2016, and do not have files in the Sections directory.

If you are using a sectioned theme, new contact who subscribed through your section signup form will automatically add to your Shopify customer section. If you are using non-sectioned theme, then you can use this URL as a custom Form Action URL in case your Shopify theme only supports Mailchimp integration (Non-sectioned theme).

You can paste this URL in Shopify in the Mailchimp form action URL field when editing your theme's footer.

C) Connect you Constant Contact account.
Click the orange button to connect your Constant Contact account.

Fill in your Constant Contact credentials (email + password) and login. When you're already logged in you'll see this autorisation screen. Hit 'Allow' and you'll go back to the contfiguration page.

You'll see a success message:

When the credentials are incorrect, we'll show this message:

D) Configure your list(s)
You can select a mailing list for subscribers and customers. No lists yet? Just create one for subscribers and one for customers, refresh the dropdown list in this step and it will appear new in the dropdown list.

Create new lists in Constant Contact like this:

Step 5) Enter your email address 

Please enter your email address so we can send you a message if problems occur with your integration. Then press the orange button 'FINISH INSTALL'.

We're now connecting your Shopify store to Constant Contact. When the installation has succeeded we're showing this message:



Do I need to pay for Constant Contact?

  • Yes, you can find you email marketing pricing plans here

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