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How does the Zendesk Help Center Articles Duplicator work?

This integration automatically duplicates Zendesk Help Center Articles from one main brand to multiple sub-brands. It also updates edited articles. This is a one way synchronization, so the main brand is leading. We sync every 30 minutes.

Fields that synced are:

  • Title
  • Body
  • Labels
  • Attachments
  • Open for comments
  • Promote article


  • This connector uses 1 main brand as course Help Center, the connector is a one way synchronization.
  • Categories and Sections should be pre-defined in all sub-brands before installing this connector.
  • We only sync articles with a label. Label mapping is defined in the connector.
  • You need to install one connector per brand, so when you have multiple brands, repeat this installation.

How to install the Zendesk Help Center Articles Duplicator

Step 1) Create a Combidesk account

In order to connect your  you need to create a Combidesk account first (create account here). Already using Combidesk? Great! Continue step 2.

Step 2) Install the app from the Combidesk app store

Visit the connector in the Combidesk app store here and click on the orange INSTALL button.

Step 3) Connection page

Your now forwarded to the connect page. Click the orange button 'CONNECT YOUR ZENDESK ACCOUNT'. 

Step 4) Add Zendesk main account

Enter your Zendesk Guide main URL here (NOTE: only the subdomain - we've prefilled and press ASK ZENDESK FOR PERMISSION.

Allow Combidesk to access your Zendesk account by clicking ALLOW

When connected succesfully you'll see this message at the top right corner:

When the credentials are incorrect, we'll show this message:

Hit the orange button CONTINUE:

Step 5) Add filter labels

The connector only processes articles with specific labels. Fill in the label names here (comma separated).

Step 5) Export existing data

You may already have articles, do you want them to be synchronised too?

Step 6) Drafts

Should drafts be copied too?

Stap 7) Connect your Zendesk Guide BRAND2 Account

This is the second time you need to connect to your Zendesk account. This time you need to connect to the Brand2 account (

 Klik another Zendesk account and fill in the first part of the Zendesk url:

Ask Zendesk for permission.

Step 8) Enter your email address 

Please enter your email address so we can send you a message if problems occur with your integration. Then press the orange button 'FINISH INSTALL'.

We're now connecting your Zendesk accounts. When the installation has succeeded we're showing this message:

Now you've successfully installed this integration.


  • Do all Support Centers have the same Catergory and Section structure?
  •  Do you use the same labels as configured in this integration?
  • You can use you Combidesk app to trigger changes faster than our common 30 minutes sync. Click 'Run' on the combi on your Combidesk dashboard.



Do I need to pay for this integration?

  • Yes, you can try this integration for 30 days. After the trial period this integration costs $10 per brand synchronization. So when you want to duplicate 3 brands you pay $30 per month.

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