Combidesk phone number

In this article you'll learn why Combidesk does not provide support by phone, but still focuses on 100% great support

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We understand that you would like to call. A caller is faster, isn't it? However, to be able to offer you the best support, this slogan does not always apply. We have deliberately chosen not to offer telephone support but to focus on good online support, for the following reasons:

  • From experience we can tell that telephone support often doesn't lead to a concrete and direct solution, which leads to the necessity to start up an email conversation either way.

  • Per mail/chat is more efficient: our small team is not available 24/7. We approach issues at faster pace using mail/chat, so we end up with more time and attention for improvement and further development of our packages / apps.

  • Cost-perspective: we can currently keep our costs relatively lower, which you as customer profit from via our relatively lower package prices.

We hope for your understanding. Feel free to try it out: ask us a question via chat or We try to provide you with an answer within 24 hours.

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